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On this page will will try to collect references and possible papers (at least bib-tex style information) about as many research papers and presentations on this subject as we can find.

Santa Claus Papers & Presentations
Date Description File
October/09 Peter H. Welch and Jan B. Pedersen: Santa Claus: Formal Anaylsis of a Process-Oriented Solution, TOPLAS Volume 32, Issue 4 (April 2010).
September/08 Peter H. Welch and Matt Pedersen's fringe presentation at CPA 2008 Solving the Santa Claus Problem using occam-π mobile processes.
September/08 Jon Kerridge's fringe presentation at CPA 2008 on solving the Santa Claus Problem using JCSP/Groovy
September/08 Jason Hurt's paper Solving the Santa Claus Problem: A Comparison of Various Concurrent Programming Techniques
at CPA 2008.
2008 Sulzmann, M., Lam, E., and Van Weert, P. 2008. Actors with Multi-headed Message Receive Patterns. In Coordination Models and Languages, 10th International Conference, COORDI- NATION 2008, Oslo, Norway, June 4-6, 2008. Proceedings, D. Lea and G. Zavattaro, Eds. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 5052. Springer. ISBN 978-3-540-68264-6.
2008 Jones, S. 2007. Beautiful concurrency. In Beautiful Code: Leading Programmers Explain How They Think, A. Oram and G. Wilson, Eds. O’Reilly.
2006 Cameron, N., Damiani, F., Drossopoulou, S., Giachino, E., and Giannini, P. 2006. Solving the Santa Claus Problem using State Classes. Technical Report, Dip. di inf., Univ. di Torino.
2004 Güntensperger, R. and Gutknecht, J. 2004. Active C#. In 2nd International Workshop .NET Technologies 2004. 47–59.
2003 Benton, N. 2003. Jingle Bells: Solving the Santa Claus Problem in Polyphonic C#. Technical Report, Microsoft Research.
1998 Ben-Ari, M. 1998. How to Solve the Santa Claus Problem. Concurrency: Practice and Experience 10, 6, 485–496.
1994 The original formulation of the Santa Claus Problem: The original Santa Claus Problem Paper: Trono, J. 1994. A New Exercise in Concurrency. SIGCSE Bulletin 26, 3, 8