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On this page you can find other implementations of the Santa Claus Problem. Some we wrote, some we are just linking to.

Santa Claus Source
Description File
Jon Kerridge's Groovy/JCSP solution presented at CPA 2008.
(Note: This requires the org.jcsp.lang and the org.jcsp.groovy packages)
Jason Hurt's C#/Java/C+MPI/JCSP/C+Pthreads/Groovy solutions (*).
Written for "Solving the Santa Claus Problem: A Comparison of Various Programming Techniques"
Simon Peyton Jones solution in Haskell with Software Transactional Memory
from "Beautiful Concurrency" in "Beautiful Code"

Note: for now please follow this link to access Jason's svn server.
Please use "unlv" as both username and password.