Paper Errata

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this page will list errors found in he paper (though we hope not too many!), should you discover any please do not hesitate to contact us.
Paper Errata
05/28/2010 Page 14:19 line 1 sync (just.elves.a, just.elves.b) -- wait for two other elves

should be

sync (just.elves.a!, just.elves.b!) -- wait for two other elves

Explanation: the sync procedure takes in channel-ends, not entire channels,
so we must specify which end of the channel we are passing.
10/03/2018 Section 7, 2nd paragraph. In an email from John Trono received October 3rd. 2018: "In your 2009 TOPLAS paper,
section 7 states that my original solution was in Java, however, it was mentioned in my paper that:
The solution that has worked best over the years, and also appears to be the simplest,
is written using C statements and pseudo-code."